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Once you begin changing your brain pathways, your body also beings a dynamic process of changing your body's chemistry. Negative, subconscious message may potentially be altering your physiology. Find out how Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy shifts your brain.

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Self-sabotaging behavior creates problems in our relationships, careers and lives, often interfering with long-standing goals and dreams. Procrastination, self-medicating, comfort eating, promiscuity, affairs, etc. drive sabotaging behaviors, which lead to increased feelings of helplessness, anxi...

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The Inner Child aspect of our consciousness resides deep in our being and refers to our emotional body. Carl Jung referred to this archetype as the "Divine Child." Our personalities emerge through developments as a result of our genetic code (DNA) and the environment in which we experience. Quite...

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Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy changes the physiology and neural patterns in the brain-body connection and improves health and lives drastically.

What you may not realize is all the affirmations, intentions and goals which are not coming to fruition, are most likely the result of your sabotaging, ...

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Depression, anxiety, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, sleeping disorders, relationship challenges -- common effects of unprocessed and repressed trauma held in the body, both long and short-term.

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy is a highly specialized modality, which resets the brain and neurological ...

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We all know change is inevitable. What if you could 'unlearn' the undesirable characteristics you want to change but are unsure how to do it -- ridding yourself of unwanted negative patterns that keep you in the same circuit loop over and over. Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT) is an effective ...

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How many of you want to lead an empowered life, free of all the skeletons you've hidden away in your closet? At some point, all the pain you've repressed in your physical, emotional and spiritual body is clawing to climb up and out. It is beckoning you to heed the call and free yourself. There i...

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Since my divorce 12 years ago, I've been alone, however, not lonely. In the beginning, it commenced as loneliness, sadness, despair with sprinkles of happiness dispersed here and there. Every year of seclusion put me more in touch with who I am at my core and I discovered new hobbies, forgotten ...

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The heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain to the heart. Carrying guilt, grief, shame, anger, apathy, fear and pride long-term are detrimental emotions which prohibits us from experiencing the highest expression of love — love of self and love for others, often blocking our right to...

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3 months ago
To me, trauma is the clump of yuck stuck in my body that keeps me from living my fullest life. Jodi Lawyer’s method is effective in zeroing in on one clump at a time, and taking its power away. Sometimes it takes a day or so to notice the results, but every time, I end up feeling noticeably lighter, freer, braver, less resentful, and more capable. Jodi has been a wonderful guide through this extremely effective, highly beneficial work!
- Rebecca S
2 months ago
Jodi was so helpful to me. She was able to help calm my over active nervous system down after some health related issues. I was drawn to her therapy of releasing traumatic events from the nervous system. Through it, I was able to release more than I realized needed to be let go. She was able to help my body repair itself and find its natural balance. She really helped me to turn the corner where I was at and I plan to continue working with Jodi as self care for myself and loved ones. We can all use this modality.
- Leslie D
3 months ago
My experience with Jodi was my first exposure to QNRT. I found this modality to be a subtle but effective shift. The process of working with Jodi was comfortable and delightful. She is personable, caring and takes her time. I highly recommend working with Jodi.
- Tracy B

Nurture. Heal. Grow.

"Helix Healing Path facilitates releasing trauma out of the body, integrating sensory systems and primary reflexes, as well as providing a myriad of treatment exercises and education, to promote a healthy functioning nervous system and brain-balanced wellness for enhanced occupational performance, optimal wellness and lifestyle."

Helix is a fusion. It is a holistic pathway of fusing your physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body, towards a balanced, whole and congruent self. Our mission is to guide and empower our clients towards a synergistic expression of their highest level of health, wellness and overall well being. We aim to facilitate this through implementing an integrative and holistic approach; improving occupational performance with intervention and implementation of appropriate modalities, while providing education and training.

Intervention Modalities implemented at Helix:

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy: 
Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT) is a highly specialized treatment modality, which balances the brain to achieve enhanced occupational performance. QNRT releases emotional, sexual and physical trauma, out of the nervous system, with a proprietary protocol.  It works to reset the brain and neurological pathways to all areas of the body so the individual can heal unencumbered from the tangle that has been created in the nervous system. The body is continuously striving for balance, and when trauma is left untreated or repressed, discomfort, dysfunction and disease may occur. Multiple QNRT sessions may provide for a myriad of improvements in the areas of sleep, hormonal balance, joint pain relief, headaches, memory, stress reduction, immune system support and relationship dynamics; thus reducing the total body and emotional stress load.

Primary Reflexes:
Primary reflexes are automatic and stereotypical motor responses, directed by the brainstem and executed without cortical involvement. While most reflexes integrate fully by the age of three, retained reflexes may contribute to vision problems, learning difficulties, coordinated motor movements, sensory processing and vestibular processing. Trauma, long-term and recent trauma, developmental delays and abnormal pathology may contribute to non-integration of primary reflexes. The neurophysiology of a healthy nervous system is such that each reflex must integrate on the sensory-motor level; a specific sensory stimulus must cause a corresponding motor or glandular response. 

Tactile Integration Protocol:
Touch is a significant, essential part of development of a person, beginning at birth. Touch is the catalyst for the healthy development of cognitive, social, emotional and physical spheres of an infant. The two types of receptors connected with touch are protective and distinguishing. Protective receptors are functioning until a person is touched and then the distinguishing receptors are turned on. The somatosensory cortex is responsible for tactile processing and all beings have their own sensitivity threshold for sensory impulses coming in from the environment. Excessive amounts of information and the impossibility of interpretation of this information may lead to the development of disorders. These disorders can manifest as dysfunction with balance, deep sensibility system, the superficial sensibility system and hypo / hyper functioning.  The proprioceptive system otherwise known as the deep sensibility system, is connected with the muscular system and movement control. The proprioceptive receptors are in muscles, tendons, and ligaments and send information to the brain about our body position and the position of its different parts in relation to each other and their speed and acceleration of space. The skin is directly connected with the sense of proprioception because of the skin’s receptors register the pressure and intensity of an impulse. The propriception sense along with the tactile system permits a person to learn, examine, evaluate and understand the environment with tactile impressions delivered to the brain. The purpose of tactile integration is to optimize the brain stem, relax defensive reflexes, and open the entire system to an experience of safety from which trust can grow and healthy development can proceed. 

CranioSacral Therapy:
CraniolSacral therapy is a light-touch therapy that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. 

Reiki Energy Healing:
Reiki is a light to no touch therapy, in which the practitioner may promote wellness and can help ease tension and stress. It helps support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional.

About Jodi Lawyer: 

Jodi Lawyer, M.A., OTR/L is a registered and licensed occupational therapist with over 10 years of experience working with the nervous system, particularly Sensory Integration Intervention to assist pediatric and adult clients with arousal modulation and regulation dysfunction. Unprocessed trauma adversely affects the nervous system, distorting the body's natural rhythms and may cause a constant influx of stress hormones, keeping the body in a "sympathetic storm." 

She has vested interest in treating clients with emotional, sexual and physical abuse and is able to bridge the client's emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies through particular modalities to facilitate a balanced, whole and congruent self. "I am well aware first hand, that any trauma is devastating to the psyche, mental, emotional and sexual expression of self, as well as a healthy functioning nervous system. Trauma recovery can be healed to wholeness within. It is my passion and mission to assist humanity in healing trauma to bring forth an evolved world for the future."

"Jodi is a true professional. From the moment I met with her in my first QNRT session, she made me feel at ease with her professionalism, but also her fun personality. She is truly knowledgeable at her craft and incredibly passionate about helping others. Her office space is so calming and cozy, I felt like I was at home. She is also certified in essential oils, and is able to counsel you if you want a more holistic approach to daily living / medicine. I would recommend Jodi to anyone!" - J.K.

"Having known Jodi for over two decades, I marvel in her journey and transformation. After countless attempts through traditional treatments, I finally discovered a healing path through Jodi's unique ability to identify and holistically treat the source of my trauma, depression and anxiety.  With Jodi's guidance, I now experience a daily world I used to think would never exist for me. I enjoy living a life of spiritual and emotional wellness. You have to be willing to do the work, and some days prove more challenging than others, however, Jodi's cadre of tools, resources and support created a safe and powerful space for my personal journey of growth and peace. With blessings and gratitude." - C.L. 

“The moment I stepped foot inside Jodi’s welcoming space, and was greeted by her warm and generous personality, I knew I had made the right relationship to guide me in my healing process. Jodi used the QRNT protocol to assist me in uncovering past emotional stressors, both big and small, that were leading to anxiety, sleeplessness and fatigue. The healing I have experienced through Jodi’s work is unparalleled to other healing journeys I have tried. I am forever grateful.” - J.D.

"Jodi is so gifted at what she does! Her friendly and relaxed attitude put your mind right at ease and she truly listens to your concerns. I love the vast array of knowledge and modalities that Jodi has to glean from too. The CranioSacral and QNRT sessions I've done with Jodi have been phenomenal! She explains everything thoroughly and is always happy to answer questions. I can literally feel the blockages opening up or things being released that were being held in the physical and emotional bodies. I can always tell when I'm overdue for a 'Jodi session', as getting work from her is an important aspect of my self care. As a fellow healer, I am extremely particular with who I allow to work on me.  Jodi is a rare gem and I would highly recommend her to anyone!" - M. J.

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