Posted on Feb 8, 2018

Helix Healing Path, LLC

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy changes the physiology and neural patterns in the brain-body connection and improves health and lives drastically.

What you may not realize is all the affirmations, intentions and goals which are not coming to fruition, are most likely the result of your sabotaging, without knowing. Negative patterns -- unconscious programming, run the show until the unconscious is made conscious. Subjugation Failure, Defective, Mistrust, Abuse, Emotional Deprivation, Dependence, Abandonment, Vulnerable, Unlovable, Entitlement, Protection and Social Exclusion are the nasty negative patterns that run on a feedback loop in your brain.

The beauty of QNRT is you don't have to remember or recall the event(s) at the time of the re-set. The body does NOT lie and QNRT will pull it right out of you. I myself, had 9 negative patterns (and most were repressed memories which came to the surface) and all negative patterns are reconciled. When you're ready to start feeling your best and living the life you deserve, here's the link:

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