Posted on Feb 27, 2018

Helix Healing Path, LLC

The Inner Child aspect of our consciousness resides deep in our being and refers to our emotional body. Carl Jung referred to this archetype as the "Divine Child." Our personalities emerge through developments as a result of our genetic code (DNA) and the environment in which we experience. Quite often, many reoccurring issues which reappear into our adult lives revert back to the emotional wounds inflicted upon as a child, which inherently left a scar in the psyche and physical body of the individual. The ego will continuously take over, keeping the wound in the shadow aspect of your consciousness until you call upon it to reveal itself to heal. Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy will access the wounds that are keeping you in pain, repeating negative cycles and sabotaging using a cold laser and accessing the hypothalamus to stir up the memories imprinted in your brain and body tissues. It is time to acknowledge you are worth more than what was inflicted upon you 💜
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